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Increase Your Profits by Using Meta Tags

If you have a business website, it pays to have it optimizes for search engines. It pays because it will make a difference in your bottom line. You’ll increase your customer base, enjoy higher profits, and have your site ranked well on the search engines. Not all sites come up on search engines. The reason they don’t is that they don’t do any optimization of the website. They believe search engines don’t use all the hype of “meta tags.” The correct saying should be “the only thing search engines can read are meta tags.”

That’s correct; the only part of your website search engine bots can read is the HTML including meta tags. That’s the background code that makes your website viewable in a browser. If you’re in business and have a website and your SEO expert says you don’t need to use meta tags, find another SEO expert who knows what they are talking about.

Search engine bots, robot, or spider, (they are all the same thing) are programs that scan your website to index it into the search engine database. When someone types in a keyword in a search engine, it looks up that keyword in its database and returns the result of websites that uses that keyword. If you don’t have the keyword for your site in the meta tags, the search engine has to guess what your site is all about.

By using the meta tags with your keywords tells the search engine spiders what your site is all about.

For example, your site is about healthy diets. Your content talks about food, fast food restaurants, foods not to eat, etc. Even though you use the words ” unity game development ,” the search engines think your site is about food and restaurants and indexes it under the food category in their database. Anyone searching for food and your website comes up. It’s not what they want, so they click back or click on the dreaded X to close the tab. You lose a customer and a potential sale earthquake warning san francisco.

If you use the meta tags with the keywords: “healthy diets, recipes, tips, healthy diet tips, healthy diet, etc.” The search engines will know what your website is about and send people who use those keywords to your website. That brings in more potential customers and sales.

It would help if you also used the alt tags for images since search engines can’t read pictures, but they can read the alt tags for each model. The alt tag should have your main keyword in it as well as something about the picture. A website should have one main keyword with LSI keywords.

Optimization is all about letting the search engines know what your website is about, so they can index you in the right category and send readers who want what you have to offer. Using meta tags is just one part of total website optimization.

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